Red Team Conference


FiestaCon (formerly known as ArcticCon) has moved to San Antonio, Texas and rebranded as FiestaCon.

FiestaCon 2023 is a Wrap!

Thanks to everyone who attended the inaugural FiestaCon. A big thanks to all of our speakers and sponsors, without them there would be no conference. Hope to see you in 2024!

For Red Teamers, by Red Teamers

Staying ahead of the Blue Team is hard, and Red Teaming can be lonely.

At FiestaCon (formerly ArcticCon), we bring together cyber red team operators from across industry and government in order to create a trusted community where attendees can share TTPs, improve methods, and swap war stories.  Attendees should leave this con with not just improved kit, but also improved contacts within the community.  We believe two heads are better than one.

Join the community.  Contribute in a way that makes us all better.

If you are a cyber red team operator, or manage those who do this kind of work, then you should attend.

We look forward to meeting you.

Con History

FiestaCon, formerly known as ArcticCon, held its first con in 2016 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. ArcticCon was founded by the Optum Red Team, then led by Dave Dobrotka. If you attended the 2016 con, you know we were flying by the seat of our pants during that first con. We didn’t let the chaos stop us and ArcticCon was held each year since (bar 2020) with a successful in-person/remote con held in October 2021 at the St. Paul Union Station.

However, a con in Minnesota during October really did put the “arctic” in ArcticCon. We had to face the facts. Perhaps the most appealing location for our con was not in chilly “arctic” Minnesota. Additionally, there was no reason to have the con based out of the Twin Cities any longer, as the core of the team is based elsewhere. Therefore, the decision was made to rebrand as FiestaCon in sunny San Antonio during the month of March. We are excited for our new location and look forward to to our inaugural FiestaCon in 2023. (There will be no con in 2022)

Want to become a sponsor? Reach out to us!

Our Speakers

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Are You Good Speaker?

It’s that time…to submit your idea for a talk or training for the first ever FiestaCon! Every team has something valuable to share, so send in your submission early and often.

Our Event Schedules

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